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Fresh Lump Crab Meat


Fresh Lump Blue Crab Meat
Price: $29.99

Little Neck Clams


2 dozen Little Neck Clams. Taste the low country in each one of these succulent clams. Serve them baked, chilled, raw, or as clams casino.
Price: $11.99

Sea Scallops


2 Pints delicious Sea Scallops. Fresh Sea Scallops: great for pan searing, baking, or on skewers for grilling. Try them with one of our blackening rubs!!
Price: $36.98

XL Carolina Shrimp (Available JUNE-JAN)


2 lbs of 21-25 South Carolina White Shrimp. These beautiful shrimp are great with a variety of marinades and grilling sauces. We prefer them steamed with a side of homemade cocktail. Try some today! (subject to seasonal harvest)
Price: $32.98