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Fresh Salmon


2 lbs fresh salmon. This is an outstanding fish packed with nutrition. It tastes great blackened, broiled, grilled or baked.
Price: $29.99



2 lbs of fresh Grouper fillets. Now you can have fresh boneless skinless grouper fillets shipped to your front door. Extremely mild, great blackened, grilled or fried. One of our all time best sellers!!
Price: $38.99

Mahi Mahi


2 lbs of Mahi Mahi fillets. This mouth watering fish is great baked or pan sauteed, but it is best served hot off of the grill. Try it today with some Mango Tequila Jalapeno!!
Price: $28.99



2 lbs of Fresh Snapper. Our Local Snapper is great for grilling. It has a firm texture, and a sweet nutty flavor that lends itself very well to everything from hot chilies to subtle herbs. Season red snapper with lots of flavor. Lemon, butter, herbs are great or you can try some hot chilies or chopped up habanero.
Price: $39.99



2 lbs Tilapia. Tilapia is a very mild and can be grilled, baked, or fried. It lends itself well to a variety of different marinades and grilling sauces. Try some today!!
Price: $22.99

Yellowfin Tuna


2 lbs of sushi grade tuna. Our delicious yellowfin tuna is great blackened, or grilled and serves up well with any of our terriyaki marinades.
Price: $32.98