The Crab Cake Lady of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

The Crab Cake Lady Company was started in 1973 by our grandmother, An Mathis Springs. After immigrating from Vietnam, she arrived at the coast and fell instantly in love with the majestic creeks of Murrells Inlet. In the beginning, she worked 40-50 blue crab traps. Though some of the commercial crabbers and fishermen gave her trouble, An proved herself on the water time and time again. She would make her way through the winding creeks of Murrells Inlet every morning, working the crab traps.

An - The Crab Cake LadyFrom her catch, she made delicious deviled crab and crab cakes by hand. Not only was she becoming a lovable fixture in the area, her hand made crab cakes were spreading to the far corners of the state. Eventually newcomers and visitors to the area were driving up and down hwy 17 asking about a Crab Cake Lady. Eventually the name stuck, and people from all over were coming to her small coastal home and buying her crab cakes by the dozens. Her infectious smile and warm heart was not easily forgotten; nor the unwavering quality of her crab cakes, so her official company was formed in 2006.

After 48 years we still make the same crab cakes today, the same way An has all of these years. An is still in her commercial kitchen every day to make sure her recipes are being carried out to perfection. You can find An visiting her two stores, or on the bow of her 14ft Jon boat in Murrells Inlet. Even in her early 70s, she can still throw a casting net or pull a trap better then most.

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